Monday, December 28, 2009

Policy Statement

White House Watch is the travel blog used by Jerry Politex when he's on the road. It combines the interests of JoeBama Watch, founded in 2008, and Bush Watch, founded in 1998. These two sites will continue to be updated when Politex is at home.

Given the similarities between President Bush (43) and President Obama (44) during the latter's first year in office, it seems appropriate that we view him as a continuation of numerous foreign and domestic policies of his predecessor, hence the change in title focus from the man to the office.

If you've followed Bush Watch and JoeBama Watch through the most recent presidential campaign, you know that we've always considered Obama to be a moderate, not a progressive, so his strategies and decisions have not been a total surprise. We share Paul Krugman's recent comment in his NYT blog that those idealists who voted for Obama in the name of "change" should have known better. What is surprising, however, is how far he has drifted right and how many of his campaign promises he has broken.

Unfortunately, what Obama appears to be doing was called "triangulation" when Clinton did it. Under the strong guidance of his two major advisers, Rahm Emanuel and David Axlerod, Obama's main goal is to win a second term, not to satisfy the needs of those who worked so hard to put him in office. It's up to you to decide if this decision is in your best interests.